Handwriting Programme
IPA’s handwriting programme pays attention, in a way that no other program we know does. Good Handwriting requires the ability regularly to distinguish certain shapes and to translate those distinct mental images into consistent physical motion in one’s hand. In keeping with its developmental concerns, IPA offers extremely basic exercises in figure-ground discrimination and top- to- bottom, left-to-right sequencing.
  • handwriting becomes more legible
  • Mistakes due to wrong writing are avoided
  • Helps in the neat presentation.
  • Makes the children practice good writing.
  • This program also works with lefthanders.
Course Details
  • The programme is for the age group of 5 years and above (duration of the course 3 months each level)
  • Level 1- for ages 5 -6
  • Level 2- for ages 7-9
  • Level 3- for ages 9 and above
  • Calligraphy – level 1 for 3 months For age 9 and above
  • Weekly one class of 2 hours each
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