The Core of the Company's activity is the training/teaching and therefore a lot of care has to be taken in appointing, training and evaluating Course Instructors.

If you are a graduate with good communication skills, an aptitude for handling children and your thinking falls in line with the Do's and DO'NTs listed below, you can become a Course Instructor with IPA

Principle Activities of the Course Instructor: (DO's)

  • To assist the franchisee in the development and training of children on abacus and mental arithmetic course and to ahieve maximum intake for franchisee centers within assigned territory.
  • To maintain a good relation and rapport with the franchisee and work hand in hand with the franchisee on all their activities.
  • To assist the business operation of the franchisee center, which include such areas as recruiting students, services to students ,etc.
  • To investigate and solve complaints from student or their parents.
  • To teach the students IPA abacus and mental arithmetic following the methods and procedures set out in the Teaching Manual.
  • To evaluate and record each students performance.

Things that course instructor should NOT do. (DONTs)

  • Make false, deceptive (or) disparaging statements about competitors. (such as Tuition centres or mental arithmetic)
  • Represent a different institution or company for similar or other type of Courses.
  • Make false or misleading claim about a franchisee.
  • Assist or train other person to open up similar type of educational or training center.
  • Change IPA abacus and mental arithmetic teaching system.
  • Photostat IPA abacus and mental arithmetic teaching materials or teaching manual.
  • Teach students in their premises without IPA's approval or consent.