Ideal Play Abacus India Private Limited has been founded by a group of experienced professionals in the field of children's education. The Calfun math Tool for Addition and Subtraction, is a simple educational device specially designed with patent features for early use by children from pre-KG to First and Second Grades.

The objectives of using the tool are as follows:

  • To learn and develop a strong number sense.
  • To Understand properties of addition
  • To Recognise patterns and relationships among numbers
  • To Enhance memory and mental skills through building concepts
  • To Develop algebraic thinking

The colourful and student friendly device presents the number sequence on slideable and rotatable blocks that serve as the reckoning slide on the top row, and provides a set of movable blocks on the bottom slide that are aligned neatly with the blocks on the top row in matching colors to help with counting and solving problems. This design helps build Maths foundation in children and improve classroom performance by:

  • Combining all modes of learning – kinesthetic, tactile, and visual
  • Minimizing errors associated with loose pieces and use of fingers
  • Helping to visualize patterns and relationships with ease
  • Children can explore one or more numbers on a daily basis and master addition facts of each number and learn various combinations of arriving at the number in a systematic way.
  • Once the children are taught the use of the tool for the first few numbers, they can use it for learning other numbers and to develop a strong number sense.
  • The repeated use of the tool will give them a clear understanding of the numbers, thereby enabling them to memorize addition and subtraction facts with ease, in turn encouraging them to like Math.
  • The use of the tool also helps in laying the foundation of mental arithmetic.