In association with Dr Yip of Malaysia (the only Asian Adult Memory Champion) IPA is proud to bring to India "Amazing Memory Programme". Dr.Yip Brainteq Sdn Bhd, headed by Yip Swe Chooi (DGMM Phd Hon) is a Company incorporated in Malaysia specifically for providing overseas consultancy services in the teaching and learning of Dr.Yip's proprietary memory techniques called amazing memory.

Since 1999, Dr.Yip has actively participated in World Memory Championships and Mind Sports Olympiad held annually in London. Besides Dr.Yip's own achievement, students under his lead as well had also achieved remarkably; particularly I the year 2001, Malaysia represented student (sponsored by Dr.Yip Brainteq Sdn Bhd), 14 years old Mr.Chan Tian How alone had won Junior Overall Champion, Junior Boy Champion, Grandmaster of Memory title and a Silver Medal. : Visit


  • Techniques of memorizing with the combined usage of left and right sides of the brain.
  • Increases speed in memorization.
  • Improves imagination and enhances functions of the Brain; making one understand better.
  • Improves concentration and creativity.
  • A proven scientific method that can unlock the unlimited power of human memory.
  • Helps one to discover ones most effective personal learning styles.
  • A good spark of motivation in learning for more.


  • In July 1998, he broke the world record in the memorization of Pi (=3.14159 …..In 60,000 digits)
  • In August 1999, he was awarded the "Grandmaster of Memory" title in the World Olympiad Memory Championships held in London.
  • On 9th December 2000, he set a new record under the Malaysia Book of Records by recalling words from Oxford Dictionary(4th edition).
  • In August 2001, he was the Overall Champion in the 5th Mind Sports Olympiad, under the Memory Skill event, held in London.
  • On 18th August 2002, he again retained the Overall Champion title in the 6th Mind Sports Olympiad under the Memory Skill event, held in London.
  • On 24th to 26th August 2002, he has won 2 gold and 1 bronze medal, setting a new world record in "hour Number" event, and hence honored with "Decathlon Grandmaster of Memory" Award in the 11th World Memory championships held in London.